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Meet the person
behind the screen

After a professional journey where I dip my toes in the corporate sector, governmental and supranational organizations as well as NGOs, I realized I struggled to fit in rigid structures. 

I burnt out so I left my last role, pretty frustrated as I thought there was where my purpose and social impact lay. 

While mentally recovering, 2022 has been a year of inner transformation where I finally embraced social impact becoming an actor of change myself. 

I co-founded holibody to empower women in their bodies and health. I learned all about starting a business on the internet and I discovered I am talented at web design! On the side I rented my place while I traveled around and it turns out I am a Superhost with outstanding hospitality and attention to detail (both online and in person).

For the courious

I was born and raised in Uruguay. I speak four languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. My passion is understanding holistic well-being. I am now taking intentional action stepping into impact entrepreneurship. Will we ever achieve a healthy balance? 

New podcast


I've recently started a podcast where I interview women that share their personal stories and how they approached challenges in a holistic fashion. Full of compassion and self-acceptance. Episodes are in Spanish or English.

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